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Geek.Kon is Madison Wisconsin's very own anime convention, sci-fi convention, and gaming convention all rolled into one! Geek.Kon is a place to celebrate all that is geeky.
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Inorder to better serve our community, Geek.Kon has launched a new website: . Registration is live on the new site, including the all new VIP Registration Package! Guest Announcements are also live, so keep your eyes peeled as we keep adding new and returning faces to our line up. Dealers Room applications for both Artists and Vendors, Events and Panels, Costume Contest Info, and more will be added as soon as possible. Hurry and Pre-Register today to save 25% on door prices!

What did we do right? What did we do wrong? Where can we improve? Fill out our Geek.Kon 2017  survey!

Up until recently we were having issues with our web site which made it difficult to post any updates here. I am happy to report that we "have found the keys" to make it all work again.


This update is also here to remind everyone to have a fun AND safe con experience. I know conventions have tons of super interesting things to do and see but do not forget to eat food, drink plenty of water, and of course get at least

some sleep.

Speaking of tons of awesome things to do.  We have our schedule up and running with all the information you need on panels, viewings, tournaments and whatever else you might be looking for. The page is mobile-friendly, will be updated to reflect any last-minute changes, and serves as a handy dandy tool to make sure you stay up to date all weekend.

Time for another guest announcement! We're pleased to welcome online reviewer Linkara of Atop the Fourth Wall to Geek.Kon 2017!

Three more guest announcements for Geek.Kon 2017! This year we'll welcome veteran game designer Eloy Lasanta, RPG and fiction writer Neall Raemonn Price, and author Ryter Rong!

Interested in running an RPG session, board game demo or card game? Register for table time in our Tabletop room! We expect a packed room again this year, so get your submission in early!

Time for another guest announcement! Our third guest is Brad Swaile, a voice actor best known as Light Yagami in Death Note with additional roles in Ranma 1/2, assorted Gundam series, and countless other shows!

Time to submit your panel! Every year, we have a broad range of attendee-organized panels on their topics of expertise. We're looking for knowledgeable, thoughtful fans to present on their topics of choice! Panel submissions are open until June 30!

Only two weeks left to take advantage of our discount $30 pre-registration! We'll also have two final $25 pre-reg events April 22-23 at No Brand Con in the Dells and at the Mad Rollin' Dolls Finals bout at the Alliant Energy Center April 29! The registration rate goes up on May 1

In addition, our deadline for submitting your application to our vendors room and artist alley is April 30, so get your application in soon!

We have another guest announcement! Geek.Kon 2017 is proud to welcome voice actor and director Jeff Nimoy, voice of Wolfwood on Trigun and a writer, director and actor for Digimon: Digital Monsters!

We have our first of two guest announcements this week! This year we will welcome Robert Axelrod, an actor with countless credits, best known as the voice of Lord Zedd on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!

Maximize the time you spend at this year's Geek.Kon by booking a room at the Marriott! Here's the link to book your room!

You can get your pre-registration for Geek Kon 2017 at both Pegasus Games and Geeks Mania! Stay tuned for further updates and pre-registration events!

We are now accepting applications for our vendor room and artist alley! Complete the form by April 30 to be considered for our exhibit hall.

Pre-registration is open for Geek.Kon 2017! Better yet, until the end of the year, you can enjoy our discounted rate- $25 for a full three-day badge! Enjoy the savings and lock in your place next August 25-27!

We're interested in knowing who you'd like to see as a guest for next year's Geek.Kon! Fill out this form and let us know! We can't bring in everybody, but a number of our past guests have been the results of your suggestions!

Thanks to all 2,585 of you for making this the most fun, satisfying, entertaining Geek.Kon yet! In case you weren't at closing ceremonies, here's what you missed!

  • We hope everybody fills out a survey to help make our convention better!
  • We raised more than $1,100 for the Second Harvest Foodbank between our Masked Ball, Bucket Battles and City Crusher.
  • Thanks to a late $100 donation, Geek.Kon has pledged its support to Team Valor!
  • For those interested in joining staff, we have an introductory meeting October 2 at 6:00 at the Marriott.
  • Join us August 25-27, 2017 at the Marriott for Geek.Kon part 11- "The Geek is Nigh!"

Remember that we're still accepting volunteers at Geek.Kon! Spend 10 hours helping us with badge checking and other duties and you'll get a free badge, t-shirt, and a meal from hotel concessions! Just e-mail to find out more!

Head to to visit our mobile schedule, with all the information you need on panels, viewings, tournaments and photoshoots. The page is mobile-friendly, will be updated to reflect any last-minute changes, and serves as a handy resource to have on your phone all weekend.

It's time! Download the 2016 Geek.Kon Program Book! We'll have our site online next week to use as a more sortable online resource during the convention, but for now get a load of everything we have going on this year!

Two more guest announcements! Get ready to welcome voice actresses Ryan Reynolds and Christina Kelly! Ryan will be making her second appearance, while it's Christina's Geek.Kon debut! Look for the rest of our guest lineup later this week!

Just a reminder that time is running out to submit panels and game demos for Geek.Kon! Panel submissions are due by the end of the month! We're also still looking for game demos and RPG sessions for Tabletop!

Do you love fanfiction as much as we do? Of course you do! So come show off your writing skills at the fourth annual Geek.Kon fanfiction contest! We're accepting submissions through the end of July, so get your mind racing, your ships sailing and your pencils moving!

More guest announcements! We're pleased to welcome Jason Carter, best known as Ranger Marcus Cole on Babylon 5! We'll also be featuring fans and writers Briana Lawrence and Jessica Walsh!

Announcing our first three guests for Geek.Kon 2016! Voice actor Jerry Jewell and sci-fi author John Jackson Miller will be returning to celebrate our tenth year, and comic creator Enrica Jang will be making her Geek.Kon debut! Find out more about them on our Guests page!

The submission form for Tabletop Gaming is now open! If you're interested in running a session of your favorite tabletop RPG or demo a board/card game, fill out the form!

We are now accepting panel submissions for Geek.Kon 2016! Much of our panel programming is created by you, the attendee, so if you have a topic you want to present, fill out this form to be considered! If you're looking for ideas, this year's convention theme is Villains. Submissions must be in by June 30!

Geekplastiq off Junction Road on Madison's west side is now accepting registration for Geek.Kon 2016! Now you can stock up on your favorite geek merchandise and sign up for the con at the same time!

Attention all:

The Geek.Kon Forums will be down on Tuesday, March 8 for maintenance. We are updating our forums from version 3.0 and 3.1 and will backing up and fixing both the forums and the database. Please note that until that time, registering for the forums will be down.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Randy "Ran-san" McCullick
Forum Administrator

We are now accepting applications for our Vendor Room and Artist Alley! Please submit your application to be considered for inclusion. After the April 30 deadline we will vet the applications and get back to you.

Avoid the lines and save some money by pre-registering for Geek.Kon 2016 for only $30! Click here to sign up! You can also book your room at the Marriott through this handy link!

Have a guest you'd like to see at next year's Geek.Kon? Fill out this form and let us know!

Interested in helping organize Geek.Kon 2016 and beyond? Joining Geek.Kon staff carries several perks during the convention weekend, including free admission and t-shirt, meals, and hotel space. It's also a great opportunity to build skills and be involved with the planning and direction of future conventions. We're having an open meeting at the Madison Marriott Sunday, October 4 at 6:00 pm to provide more information. We hope to see you there!

What did we do right? What did we do wrong? Where can we improve? Fill out our Geek.Kon 2015 survey!

Thanks for making Geek.Kon 2015 the biggest one yet! Thanks to all 2,580 paid attendees and the 2,906 total participants. We're also thrilled to announce that our Masked Ball, Gaming With The Guests, City Crusher, Twitch stream, bucket battles, plus the inspiring late drive during Closing Ceremonies, we have raised more than $1,000 for Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin!

In the interest of bringing likeminded fans together, we've put together a schedule for suggested cosplay meetup times. Find the sign outside the Geneva room, then find a nice place for pictures!

Gaming with the Guests will be back at Geek.Kon for your entertainment and to help our Guests of Honor raise money for the Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin. Join us on Friday evening starting at 8:00 pm in the Tabletop Gaming Room (Salon D&E) for games, food, and socializing with our Guests of Honor! This year’s event will be bigger and better! In addition to all the perks and fun that have been made available to attendees making a free-will donation or bringing a non-perishable food item, some games at this year’s event will be offering prizes.

Download the web and mobile-friendly schedule for this year's Geek.Kon on! Find panel information, guest listings, and the convention map!

Want to know everything going on at this year's Geek.Kon? Download the program book in advance! Later this week, we'll also roll out the online app that gives you instant access to schedules, maps, panel descriptions and other information.

Online pre-registration has ended and if the numbers are any indicator, we're due for another record year! You'll still be able to register at the convention, so we hope to see you there!

Only one week left to pre-register for Geek.Kon! Get in for less money and less of a line if you sign up by July 31. Also, there are still a few rooms left at the Marriott for the weekend, but they have to be claimed by July 30. Click on the Location page to reserve your room!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your shipping! We're now accepting entries for this year's Fanfiction Contest! Submit your story by August 8 to win prizes and have a selection of it read at Geek.Kon!

We are pleased to announce that Friday night at Geek.Kon, we will be hosting a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening and shadowcast! It's astounding!

Sign up for the League of Legends tournament in this year's LAN Gaming area! This was by far our most popular LAN tournament and spaces are limited, so get your team together and sign up now!

This year, our music video contests are merging into the Geek Music Video Awards! Whether you ply your trade in anime, animation, film, TV, or video games, we want your video submissions! All submissions must be in by July 31, so start your editing!

In time for the Ides of March, more guests for Geek.Kon 2015 have been announced! Anime Voice Actress Tiffany Grant, Anime Writer/Director Matt Greenfield, and Local "B" movie show host group, Ned the Dead! Full details and bios on our Guests page!

Tabletop Registration is now open! Please go to the Tabletop Page to register a game!

Now confirmed for Geek.Kon 2015 - Anime Director/Producer Jan Scott Frazier! Full details and bio on our Guests page!

More Guests confirmed for Geek.Kon 2015- Writers Emma Bull and Will Shetterly! Full details and bio on our Guests page!

Announcing our first guest for Geek.Kon 2015- Greg Weisman, producer of the animated series Young Justice and co-creator of Gargoyles! Full details and bio on our Guests page!

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